FINAL STAGE / 2015 - 2021 /

Final stage is archive photos about my father, who was diagnosed with cancer. I collected all images what me and my mother took about him. I use this series as therapy. Looking for what death really is. I heard that it is better to let go him if I just remember happy feelings, when he alive and healthy. In the past year more and more people die around me. Grandmother last year, my friends relatives, and my great-grandmother who died two days after my dad. My experience that my friends can not let them go because they can not see their loved ones at the crucial final stage. But I saw him. I was with my dad when he got stoma, when he can’t breath, and at the last day when he needed morphine to not feel pain anymore. And finally I was him when the cancer grab him. This series helped me to get over him. Understand that life goes on, and he always be with me, even I experience this tragedy.

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